Blog: Changes in UK Consumer Law

Dr. Julie Nixon, solicitor at MBM Commercial  writes about recent changes to UK consumer law.

Published 27 August 2015

Blog: Can you keep a secret?

A new EU directive is set to change the law around trade secrets, Megan Briggs explains.

Published 19 August 2015

Blog: lessons to be learned from social media misconduct case

Following the decision of the EAT in Scotland's first social media misconduct case, Lorna Davis discusses the guidelines that can be drawn from the emerging caselaw.

Published 5 August 2015

Blog: ‘Generation rent’ is an opportunity for Scotland

Last week’s media coverage of rising house costs and predictions of a growing private rental sector has again brought the issue of Scotland’s housing needs into focus. But while public perception traditionally favours home ownership, a stronger private rental sector will benefit all of Scotland’s residents, writes Heather Pearson.

Published 29 July 2015

Blog: the myriad claims arising from two buses colliding

David Armstrong discusses the claims arising from accidents involving buses and how technology might be used to avoid such tragedies in the future.

Published 24 July 2015

Blog: Licensing law must move with the times to regulate taxi booking apps

Michael McDougall  says licensing law must keep pace with developments in the provision of taxi services.

Published 22 July 2015

Blog: Managing Your Millennials: A User’s Guide

The next generation of workers will work very differently, writes Simon Allison.

Published 17 July 2015

Blog: Accountability in banking: new rules for senior managers

An ineffective system of governance for the financial sector is to be overhauled next year, writes Peter Alderdice.

Published 16 July 2015

Blog: Land - a limited supply

New laws relieve land of permanent stigma over contamination, writes Nick Atkins.

Published 15 July 2015

Blog: Community empowerment update

Laura Hay (pictured) provides an update on the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill. The bill was passed by the Scottish Parliament after a Stage 3 debate on 17 June. The commencement date has still to be announced.

Published 9 July 2015

Blog: ‘Coercive control’ should include denial of contact

Families Need Fathers Scotland discuss the perils of a gendered definition of domestic abuse.

Published 8 July 2015

Blog: Addressing the problem of human rights for children

By Professor Alan Miller (pictured), chair of the Scottish Human Rights Commission.

Published 6 July 2015

Blog: The flaws in new drink-driving law

Michael Sheridan explores whether punishments dealt out under Scotland's new drink driving legislation are proportionate.

Published 30 June 2015