Blog: Land reform - quasi-legal figure is an unlikely scenario

Hamish Lean (pictured) discusses reforms relating to agricultural tenancies including the introduction of a tenant farming commissioner and the issue of the right to buy for 1991 Act tenants.

Published 13 January 2016

Blog: Gordon Jackson QC on maintaining the rule of law

Gordon Jackson QC notes that all those who uphold the rule of law should be accorded equal respect. 

Published 11 January 2016

Blog: Difficulties in enforcing heritable securities

Zibya Bashir discusses the provisions (or lack thereof) dealing with the enforcement of heritable securities where the heritable proprietor is a dissolved limited company.

Published 8 January 2016

Blog: No time to delay – challenging public procurement decisions

Fiona Davidson  discusses an early Christmas present from Lord Tyre for those looking to challenge public procurement decisions.

Published 24 December 2015

Blog: Accountant in Bankruptcy budget slashed by a third

The Scottish Budget for 2016-17, announced by John Swinney, contains a cut of a third in the Accountant in Bankruptcy budget. David Menzies examines how this will impact its services.

Published 18 December 2015

Blog: UK withdrawal from ECHR would send out ‘entirely wrong’ signal

Joanna Cherry QC MP reminds us that the UK has set standards for the world in safeguarding human rights and that ensuring those rights apply to everyone is not a mere inconvenience but is fundamentally necessary in a country that wishes to be governed by the rule of law.

Published 15 December 2015

Blog: The joy of giving at Christmas – this year’s top 5 must have gifts!

Karin Bousie gives some timely advice on giving gifts for Christmas… without falling foul of the inheritance tax rules.

Published 14 December 2015

Blog: The Christmas cracker you’ll wish you never pulled

Simon Allison discusses the perils of the office Christmas party including the alcohol-induced Public Display of (office) Affection.

Published 7 December 2015

Blog: Mixed reaction to redundancy consultation

The UK government response to a call for evidence on collective redundancy consultation in insolvency situations provides little clarity on the way forward, writes David Menzies.

Published 3 December 2015

Blog: Redundancies and Criminal Liability

The recent case of BIS v Smith, Peto and Wright serves as a reminder of the requirements for handling collective redundancies writes Alan Meek.

Published 23 November 2015

Blog: The aftermath of Safe Harbor

David Gourlay  provides an update on data sharing agreements following the demise of Safe Harbor in the wake of the ECJ's Schrems ruling.

Published 10 November 2015

Blog: Does the Council of the EU’s proposed Directive hit the mark?

With the new Trade Mark Directive, published by the Council of the EU in June 2015, expected to be given a stamp of approval any time now, businesses should start thinking about reviewing their current levels of protection and consider whether anything further is required says Fiona McAllister . 

Published 9 November 2015

Blog: the new Child Welfare Reporter rules

Ian Maxwell  discusses changes enacted this week to the family court system.

Published 29 October 2015

Blog: #trademarkingthehashtag

With the rise of using social media for brand-recognition and brand-promotion purposes, many clients wonder if a logo or slogan that starts with or includes a "#" can be trademark-protected says Ben Bestgen .

Published 29 October 2015

Blog: European Commission keeps up Safe Harbour pressure

Lindsay Urquhart  follows up on her first Safe Harbour blog.

Published 26 October 2015