Blog: Prescription – When does the clock start?

John Paul Sheridan discusses prescription in the wake of ICL Plastics.

Published 21 September 2016

Blog: The price to pay for full cost court fees is too high

Michael Sheridan questions the sense of the Scottish government's court fee proposals.

Published 30 August 2016

Blog: The song remains the same

In his latest blog, Douglas Mill gives his opinion on the works of Richard Susskind.

Published 29 August 2016

Blog: Supreme Court decision illustrates justice gap for victims of modern slavery

Caroline Maguire , employment legal adviser at Law Centre (NI), writes for our sister publication Irish Legal News on access to justice for victims of labour exploitation in the wake of an important UKSC decision.

Published 25 August 2016

Blog: Brexit and the likely effect on UK competition law

David Flint considers the potential consequences of Brexit on competition law.

Published 15 August 2016

Blog: Sexual harassment, work and the law

A recent survey by the TUC has highlighted that sexual harassment at work can, in some sectors, be prevalent, writes David Hoey.

Published 11 August 2016

Commercial litigation case note: Bailey & another v Angove’s PTY Limited

Richard McMeeken provides an update on an important commercial law decision in the Supreme Court case of Bailey and another v Angove's PTY Limited.

Published 9 August 2016

Blog: New banking regime aims to ensure managers are responsible

Keeping track of decisions being taken will be crucial under the SMCR, writes Craig Neilson.

Published 8 August 2016

Blog: Using arbitration to manage the risk of disputes in the uncertain Brexit era

Given the uncertainty of Brexit, arbitration could provide an opportunity for managing the risk of disputes with greater predictability and control. It should certainly be considered and weighed up at the time you enter into a new contractual relationship, writes Richard Farndale.

Published 3 August 2016

Blog: Vulture funds in the UK – why are funds like Cerberus buying up UK debt?

In a talk given to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking at Westminster, Cat Maclean discusses the issue of companies left powerless after their debt has been transferred to vulture funds.

Published 2 August 2016

Blog: Search Me?

We all know that there is a presumption against the imposition of prison sentences, but these days it’s difficult for solicitors, never mind their clients, to access the jail.

Published 29 July 2016

Blog: The Insurance Act 2015 — the duty of fair presentation of risk

Douglas McGregor writes about the Insurance Act 2015 which is due to come into force next month.

Published 29 July 2016