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Terrorism Act questioning and search did not breach individual’s human rights, UK Supreme Court rules

A woman who was stopped and searched by police as she passed through a UK airport on returning from visiting her husband in Paris, a French national in custody on terrorism offences, has failed in a human rights challenge against her conviction for failing to answer questions which sought to establish whether she was involved in terrorist acts.

UK Supreme Court 24 July 2015

Slot machine company fails in appeal to UKSC over VAT-exemption for winnings

A slot machine company has failed in its appeal to the UK Supreme Court against a decision of the Court of Appeal that the winnings from its machines were subject to taxation as they were deemed to be “gaming machines”.

UK Supreme Court 9 July 2015

Supreme Court orders UK government to comply with EU pollution directive

The UK Supreme Court has ordered the UK government to deal with the country's air pollution problem and publish a report on it by the end of this year.

UK Supreme Court 30 April 2015

Homeless family wins Supreme Court appeal to stay in London

A single mother-of-five has successfully challenged a council’s decision that it had discharged its duty to house her homeless family by offering accommodation in another local authority area more than 50 miles away.

UK Supreme Court 7 April 2015

UKSC: Property developer wins case against bank over question of binding promise

A property developer who took a loan from a bank for the purchase and development of land in 2007 but which the bank argued was merely for the purchase of the land has won his appeal in the UK Supreme Court after it held the bank made a legally binding promise for sums covering both purchase and development.

UK Supreme Court 11 March 2015

Mother of seriously disabled child wins negligence case on appeal to UK Supreme Court

A diabetic woman of small stature whose son was born with serious disabilities and who claimed she had not been fully informed of the risks of giving birth has won a unanimous appeal against a decision of the Inner House of the Court of Session in the UK Supreme Court.

UK Supreme Court 11 March 2015

Girl hit by car wins reduction in assessment of contributory negligence on appeal to UKSC

A seriously injured girl whose contributory negligence in a car accident was assessed at 70 per cent in a decision of an Extra Division of the Inner House of the Court of Session and whose share of damages was calculated accordingly has won an appeal against the assessment by a majority of 3-2 in the UK Supreme Court (UKSC).

UK Supreme Court 18 February 2015