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Supreme Court unanimously allows appeal of fingerprint officer dismissed over McKie scandal

The Supreme Court has unanimously allowed the appeal of an unfairly dismissed fingerprint officer involved in the McKie scandal, finding that the original Employment Tribunal’s (ET) interpretation of the relevant legislation leading to a reinstatement order was sound.

UK Supreme Court 15 June 2016

Supreme Court allows appeal for maintenance of interim injunction in celebrity threesome case

The Supreme Court has unanimously granted a celebrity permission to appeal the discharge of an interim injunction regarding his sexual encounters and, by a majority, has allowed the appeal.

UK Supreme Court 19 May 2016

Iraqi civilians fail in tortious claim against Ministry of Defence over maltreatment by British forces

Iraqi civilians who said they suffered at the hands of the British armed forces have failed in their tortious claim against the Ministry of Defence as a consequence of foreign time-bar rules.

UK Supreme Court 12 May 2016

Company loses VAT deduction appeal against HMRC at Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has dismissed a company’s appeal against HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) contention the company was not entitled to deduct VAT on accountant’s fees as input tax under the contract.

UK Supreme Court 11 May 2016

Mentally ill asylum seeker ex-convict fails in attempt to have period of detention declared unlawful

A mentally ill Nigerian asylum seeker who was detained pending deportation and who sought a declaration that a period of her detention was unlawful, in addition to damages, has had her appeal to the Supreme Court unanimously dismissed – as the court also declared R (Francis) was wrongly decided.

UK Supreme Court 27 April 2016

Algerian national's detention pending deportation decision was not unlawful, rules Supreme Court

The detention of an Algerian national who acquired permanent residence in 2003 and 28 criminal convictions by 2012, pending a decision to deport him, was not unlawful, the Supreme Court has ruled – as it additionally declined to make a preliminary reference to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

UK Supreme Court 20 April 2016

Supreme Court allows HMRC appeal against scheme to avoid tax on bankers’ bonuses

The Supreme Court has ruled that bonuses awarded by banks to employees in the form of redeemable shares in offshore companies, in order to take advantage of ITEPA provisions, should be treated – for income tax purposes – as if they had been paid in cash.

UK Supreme Court 10 March 2016

Supreme Court dismisses CRD infringement claim in ride-on suitcases battle

The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal of a company which claimed a rival had infringed its design of a ride-on suitcase for children, affirming criticisms made by the Court of Appeal that the Community Registered Design (CRD) for the product was not simply a claim for a suitcase shape but for an animal with horns; that the absence of decoration reinforced the horned animal impression and that the CRD claimed a shape of two contrasting colours.

UK Supreme Court 9 March 2016

Company’s VAT repayment from HMRC liable to corporation tax Supreme Court rules

The Supreme Court has ruled a company’s VAT repayments, made after it overpaid VAT, are liable to corporation tax.

UK Supreme Court 17 February 2016

Supreme Court unanimously allows appeal against Extra Division ruling from employee who fell at work

A home carer who was injured after she slipped and fell in icy conditions en route to a client has won her appeal to the Supreme Court based on the admissibility of the evidence of an expert witness and whether the respondents had been in breach of their statutory duties or negligent.

UK Supreme Court 10 February 2016

Al-Qaida affiliated Egyptian national subject to asset freeze loses appeal to Supreme Court

An Egyptian national who appealed against a decision of the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, made in agreement with a UN committee, to freeze his assets because he was associated with Al-Qaida has had his appeal unanimously dismissed by the Supreme Court.

UK Supreme Court 27 January 2016

UK government not required to investigate 1948 British army massacre of 24 Malayan villagers

The UK government is not required to hold an inquiry into the killing of 24 Malayan villagers in 1948 by a British army patrol, despite the fact it may have been a war crime, because it occurred too long ago the Supreme Court has ruled.

UK Supreme Court 26 November 2015

Immigration rules do not fall foul of article 8 but guidance on them may be overly restrictive rules Supreme Court

. He was sympathetic to the proposed declaration relating to the Guidance but agreed that it would be wrong to make it without considering further submissions.

UK Supreme Court 19 November 2015

Segregation of prisoner was ‘unlawful’ and breached his human rights, UK Supreme Court rules

A convicted murder who was removed from general association with other prisoners was segregated “unlawfully”, the UK Supreme Court has ruled.

UK Supreme Court 14 October 2015

Supreme Court rules convicted terrorists illegally held in solitary confinement

Two men convicted on terrorism charges were illegally held in solitary confinement for lengthy periods the Supreme Court has ruled.

UK Supreme Court 30 July 2015