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UKSC: Woman's civil claim on behalf of son against marine vessel operater not time-barred

A claim made by a woman on behalf of her son against a marine vessel operator following the death of his father was not time-barred under the Athens Convention, justices in the Supreme Court have unanimously ruled, dismissing the appeal of the company.

UK Supreme Court 17 October 2018

Supreme Court: Bakery's refusal to supply cake iced with ‘Support Gay Marriage’ not discriminatory

The Supreme Court has ruled a bakery's refusal to supply a cake iced with the message ‘Support Gay Marriage’ was not discriminatory on the grounds of sexual orientation, as the refusal was based on the message and not to any particular person.

UK Supreme Court 10 October 2018

Supreme Court makes declaration of incompatibility between widowed parent's allowance and ECHR

The requirement that a claimant of widowed parent’s allowance must have been married to or have been the civil partner of the deceased unjustifiably discriminates against the survivor and/or the children on the basis of their marital or birth status, justices in the Supreme Court have ruled.

UK Supreme Court 30 August 2018

Supreme Court: Legal permission no longer required to end care for patients in vegetative state

Legal permission will not be required to end care for patients who are in a long-term vegetative state, the Supreme Court has ruled.

UK Supreme Court 30 July 2018

HMRC succeeds in VAT appeal to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has unanimously allowed an appeal by HMRC in a case in which it refused a company’s claim for repayment of VAT output tax, overturning a judgment of the Inner House of the Court of Session.

UK Supreme Court 11 July 2018

Supreme Court clarifies use of closed material procedure

The Supreme Court has clarified the use of closed material procedure under section 6 of the Justice and Security Act 2013, an issue raised in Belhaj and another v Director of Public Prosecutions and another.

UK Supreme Court 4 July 2018

Heterosexual couple succeed in civil partnership appeal as Supreme Court makes declaration of incompatibility

A different-sex couple who object to marriage on the basis they believe it is patriarchal and who sought judicial review of the respondent’s refusal to make legislative changes which would allow them to enter into a civil partnership have had their appeal unanimously allowed by justices in the Supreme Court, which has made a declaration of incompatibility between the relevant legislation and the European Convention.

UK Supreme Court 27 June 2018

Man's 'worker' status recognised as Pimlico Plumbers fails in Supreme Court appeal

A plumbing business has had its appeal against a decision of an employment tribunal unanimously dismissed after justices in the Supreme Court endorsed the decision of the tribunal, namely that the respondent was, inter alia, a worker in terms of the Employment Rights Act 1996.

UK Supreme Court 13 June 2018

Supreme Court: Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission does not have standing in abortion proceedings

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC) has lost an appeal to the UK Supreme Court in which it sought declarations that the current law on abortion in Northern Ireland is incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights in cases of rape, incest, and fatal foetal abnormality.By a 4-3 majority, the seven-judge Court found that the NIHRC did not have standing to bring the proceedings; as such, the Court had no jurisdiction to make a declaration of incompatibility to reflect the majority view on ECHR compatibility.Reliefs soughtIn their appeal to the Supreme Court, the NIHRC sought:

UK Supreme Court 7 June 2018

Newspapers fail in order for costs appeals following libel and phone hacking cases

Newspapers that challenged orders for costs made following trial have had their appeals unanimously dismissed by justices in the Supreme Court.

UK Supreme Court 12 April 2017

Rapist whose application for judicial review of SCCRC decision not to refer case in wake of Cadder was refused has appeal unanimously dismissed by Supreme Court

A rapist who was not given the option of legal advice when interviewed by the police and whose application for judicial review of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission’s decision not to refer his case for a second time to the High Court of Justiciary on the basis of, inter alia, Cadder v HM Advocate was refused by a judge in the Court of Session and an Extra Division, has had his appeal unanimously dismissed by justices in the Supreme Court.

UK Supreme Court 22 March 2017

General Pharmaceutical Council's appeal and pharmacist's cross-appeal against Extra Division unanimously allowed by Supreme Court

An appeal against an Opinion of an Extra Division of the Inner House of the Court of Session that a pharmacist convicted of domestic abuse offences not be removed from the practice register on the basis of a "middle way" between suspension and removal, as well as the respondent pharmacist’s cross-appeal against the Extra Division’s implicit rejection of his argument that his removal from the register was disproportionate, have been unanimously allowed by judges in the Supreme Court.

UK Supreme Court 14 December 2016

Murderer's appeal that jury be directed on definition of 'substantial' in Homicide Act unanimously dismissed

A murderer who sought reduction of his conviction to manslaughter on the basis the statutory test for the Scots-derived defence of diminished responsibility requires that the judge defines for the jury the word “substantial” in “substantially impaired” has had his appeal unanimously dismissed by judges in the Supreme Court.

UK Supreme Court 30 November 2016

Article 8: Iraqi national’s appeal against Court of Appeal decision to remit appeal to Upper Tribunal dismissed

An Iraqi national facing deportation who appealed against a decision of the Court of Appeal to remit an appeal to the Upper Tribunal has had his appeal dismissed by judges in the Supreme Court on the basis the Upper Tribunal failed to take into account the Immigration Rules and his immigration status when he formed a relationship with his partner.

UK Supreme Court 17 November 2016

Tunisian criminal's article 8 appeal against deportation dismissed

A Tunisian man has had his article 8 appeal against a deportation order unanimously dismissed by judges in the Supreme Court because the material available to the Home Secretary could admit of no conclusion other than it was unlikely in the extreme that he would develop a relationship with his children.

UK Supreme Court 16 November 2016