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UK Supreme Court dismisses HMRC appeal on VAT repayment for EU farm subsidy purchase

A Scottish farming business is entitled to repayment of VAT paid in purchasing entitlements to an EU farm subsidy, the UK Supreme Court has ruled.

UK Supreme Court 29 July 2019

Work and Pensions Secretary prevails in PIP appeal at Supreme Court

An appeal by the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions over a detail of a personal independence payment (PIP) claim has succeeded as justices in the Supreme Court overturned a judgment of the Inner House of the Court of Session.

UK Supreme Court 18 July 2019

Newspapers fail in appeal against libel actions as serious harm test is satisfied

News publishers who appealed over articles defamatory of a man in respect of his behaviour towards his former wife have had their appeal dismissed by justices in the Supreme Court on the basis the “serious harm” test was satisfied.

UK Supreme Court 12 June 2019

Appeal against ouster clause preventing judicial review of spy court decision succeeds

An appeal against an ouster clause preventing judicial review of a decision of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) has succeeded in the Supreme Court, which allowed the appeal by a majority.

UK Supreme Court 15 May 2019

Woman taken to court over Facebook post succeeds in appeal to Supreme Court

A woman sued for defamation by her ex-husband over her claim on Facebook that he “tried to strangle me” has had her appeal unanimously allowed by the Supreme Court on the basis an ordinary reader of the post would have interpreted it as meaning the ex-husband had grasped the woman by the throat and applied force to her neck – not that he had attempted to kill her.

UK Supreme Court 4 April 2019

Supreme Court: Pearse Jordan’s mother wins appeal against stay in damages case

A Northern Ireland woman has successfully appealed the decision of the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal to order a stay on her application for damages for the state’s failure to carry out a prompt investigation into the circumstances of her son’s death, in violation of Article 2 ECHR.

UK Supreme Court 8 March 2019

UKSC: No investigation into Pat Finucane's death so far has been Article 2 compliant

The widow of murdered Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane has been granted a declaration that the state has failed to deliver an Article 2 compliant investigation into the death of her husband, who was shot and killed by loyalist paramilitaries in collusion with the UK security forces.

UK Supreme Court 27 February 2019

Supreme Court: Refusal to compensate men whose convictions were overturned does not breach presumption of innocence

The requirement for a person to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they did not commit an offence in order to access compensation for a miscarriage of justice does not breach their right to presumption of innocence, the Supreme Court has ruled.

UK Supreme Court 30 January 2019

Supreme Court: Ministers' consent clause in Scottish ‘Brexit Bill’ ultra vires, though legislation largely competent

Section 17 of the Scottish ‘Brexit Bill’ – which requires Scottish Ministers’ consent to certain subordinate legislation – is ultra vires of the Scotland Act, which it would modify, though the bill is not entirely outwith the Scottish Parliament's legislative competence, justices in Supreme Court have ruled.

UK Supreme Court 13 December 2018

Former trustee had no entitlement to asset discovered after discharge

A man who claimed to be entitled to PPI compensation in a situation in which there had been an intervening insolvency by virtue of a trust deed has had his appeal unanimously dismissed by justices in the Supreme Court, for whom the question was whether the trust deed had been brought to an end by the trustee making a final distribution to creditors with the result that the PPI claimant (as opposed to his former trustee) was held to be entitled to the PPI payment.

UK Supreme Court 31 October 2018

UKSC: Woman's civil claim on behalf of son against marine vessel operater not time-barred

A claim made by a woman on behalf of her son against a marine vessel operator following the death of his father was not time-barred under the Athens Convention, justices in the Supreme Court have unanimously ruled, dismissing the appeal of the company.

UK Supreme Court 17 October 2018

Supreme Court: Bakery's refusal to supply cake iced with ‘Support Gay Marriage’ not discriminatory

The Supreme Court has ruled a bakery's refusal to supply a cake iced with the message ‘Support Gay Marriage’ was not discriminatory on the grounds of sexual orientation, as the refusal was based on the message and not to any particular person.

UK Supreme Court 10 October 2018

Supreme Court makes declaration of incompatibility between widowed parent's allowance and ECHR

The requirement that a claimant of widowed parent’s allowance must have been married to or have been the civil partner of the deceased unjustifiably discriminates against the survivor and/or the children on the basis of their marital or birth status, justices in the Supreme Court have ruled.

UK Supreme Court 30 August 2018

Supreme Court: Legal permission no longer required to end care for patients in vegetative state

Legal permission will not be required to end care for patients who are in a long-term vegetative state, the Supreme Court has ruled.

UK Supreme Court 30 July 2018

HMRC succeeds in VAT appeal to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has unanimously allowed an appeal by HMRC in a case in which it refused a company’s claim for repayment of VAT output tax, overturning a judgment of the Inner House of the Court of Session.

UK Supreme Court 11 July 2018