Case archive

Abusive husband fails in financial claim in divorce action

A man who physically abused his wife and failed to contribute to the household finances or assist with raising the couple’s four children has had a claim for financial provision upon divorce rejected by a sheriff.

Sheriff Court — 20 March 2019

Montreal Convention: Settlement of action leaves law uncertain on recoverability of damages for psychiatric injury

A woman who sued an airline after claiming to have suffered both physical and psychiatric injuries following a crash which occurred while she was travelling on a bus from an aircraft to an airport terminal building has settled her case out of court.

Sheriff Court — 22 February 2019

Woman sues former partner for alleged rape and domestic abuse in landmark case

A woman who claims she was raped by a former partner and that she was the victim of domestic abuse is suing her ex-boyfriend for damages in a landmark legal case.

Sheriff Court — 7 February 2019

Motorcyclist who crashed into back of car which stopped for ‘no reason’ awarded damages

A motorcyclist who was injured after crashing into the back of a car which performed an unnecessary “emergency stop” has been awarded nearly £50,000 damages.

Sheriff Court — 23 January 2019

Half-sister of Clutha helicopter crash pilot refused permission to participate in fatal accident inquiry

The Sheriff Principal of Glasgow and Strathkelvin has published his reasons for refusing an application to participate in the fatal accident inquiry into the Clutha helicopter crash by the half-sister of the pilot who died in the disaster.

Sheriff Court — 30 November 2018

Personal Injury Court refuses health board’s bid to remit medical negligence case to Court of Session 

A Scottish health board which is being sued by a patient for £1.5 million has had an application to remit the clinical negligence claim against it to the Court of Session dismissed.

Sheriff Court — 1 November 2018

Man granted contact order with daughters and divorce from wife who falsely accused him of raping her

A man whose wife made a false rape allegation against him and moved away with their children has been granted a divorce and a contact order in a case in which the sheriff found the children's negative views of their father were not independently formed and that the mother's witnesses, among them a head teacher, were unreliable.

Sheriff Court — 16 October 2018

Man acquitted of rape found to have raped student following civil action

A former St Andrews university student who claimed she was raped by a man during a drunken night out has successfully sued him for £80,000 in damages after raising a civil action.

Sheriff Court — 8 October 2018