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Sheriff upholds challenge to refusal of pop-up bar application by operators of Glasgow city centre bar

The operators of a popular Glasgow bar have successfully challenged a decision of the City of Glasgow Licensing Board not to grant them seven consecutively running occasional licences for a pop-up bar in Glasgow’s Merchant City.

Sheriff Court 22 October 2021

Sheriff rejects no case to answer submission from man charged with statutory partner abuse offence

A sheriff in Livingston Sheriff Court has found that a charge under Section 1 of the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018 of engaging in a course of abusive behaviour against an accused’s ex-partner was able to be sufficiently corroborated by Crown evidence.

Sheriff Court 18 October 2021

Purported assignee of standard security relying on redacted document ruled to have no title to enforce by Glasgow sheriff

A sheriff has ruled that the purported assignee of a standard security had no title to enforce it against the original granter and was in breach of court rules by not lodging an unredacted version of the assignation it founded upon with the court.

Sheriff Court 20 October 2021

Sheriff finds death of chronically ill prisoner at HMP Addiewell could have been avoided

A sheriff has determined that the death of a prisoner in Scotland’s only privately-run prison could potentially have been avoided were it not for defects in the prison’s then-current system of working.

Sheriff Court 14 September 2021

Glasgow sheriff orders Brexit Party to pay £22k in unpaid invoices to advertising firm

A sheriff has ordered the Brexit Party to pay just over £22,000 in unpaid invoice expenses to an advertising company based in Glasgow.

Sheriff Court 10 September 2021

Edinburgh sheriff orders council to hand over report into abuse to whistleblower employee

A sheriff in Edinburgh Sheriff Court has found that a local authority employee who acted as a whistleblower in its education department is entitled to an unabridged copy of an independent report into the events surrounding his original protected disclosures.

Sheriff Court 1 September 2021

Airdrie sheriff finds liferent interest should be included in divorcing couple’s matrimonial property

A sheriff in Airdrie Sheriff Court has refused to dismiss a crave by a divorcing husband for the sum of £100,000 based on the inclusion of a joint liferent interest among the couple’s matrimonial assets.

Sheriff Court 6 August 2021

‘Evasive and prevaricative’ perjuress mother who ‘relished all of the attention’ held in contempt of court

A sheriff in Edinburgh Sheriff Court has found that the mother of an eight-year-old child acted in contempt of court in wilfully refusing to comply with a contact order awarded to the child’s father.

Sheriff Court 4 August 2021

Grampian sheriff finds death of north-east prisoner from drug-related complications not reasonably preventable

A sheriff in Peterhead has found that the death of a north-east prisoner from possible drug and alcohol-related conditions the day after he was admitted to prison was not the result of an accident or any failure on the part of prison staff.

Sheriff Court 29 July 2021

Glasgow sheriff refuses certification of skilled witness in £100 personal injury case

A Glasgow summary sheriff has refused to authorise a consultant orthopaedic surgeon as a skilled witness in an action by a man involved in a car accident against the insurer of the vehicle that hit him.

Sheriff Court 8 July 2021

Sheriff finds that man who took fatal overdose in Perth prison did not die as a result of an accident

A sheriff has determined that a prisoner who died in hospital following an overdose the day after his sentencing did not die as a result of an accident caused by failures in the prison system.

Sheriff Court 9 June 2021

Sheriff finds children of divorcing couple should be moved to state school in light of financial difficulties

A sheriff in Edinburgh has found that two children of a divorcing couple should be moved from their English private school to a Scottish state school after she refused to make either party liable for their children’s school fees.

Sheriff Court 27 May 2021

Sheriff finds post-nuptial agreement between divorcing American ex-NASA employees unenforceable

A sheriff in Edinburgh has set aside a post-nuptial agreement between a divorcing American couple living in Scotland in which the husband agreed to give his wife nearly everything he owned if they divorced.

Sheriff Court 13 May 2021

Retired civil servant who tripped on ramp outside Edinburgh supermarket wins over £11,000 in damages

An Edinburgh pensioner who tripped over a ramp outside a supermarket has succeeded in obtaining over £11,000 in damages after a sheriff in the All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court found that the supermarket acted contrary to the Occupiers’ Liability (Scotland) Act 1960 in not marking a potential trip hazard outside the store.

Sheriff Court 6 May 2021

Cupar hotel owners interdict servitude holder from damaging accessway gates with vehicle bar 

A sheriff in Dundee Sheriff Court has found that the dominant proprietor of a servitude right over castle grounds in Cupar did not have his rights interfered with by the installation of gates along a road he used to access his property and interdicted him from further damaging or removing them.

Sheriff Court 30 April 2021