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High Court in London issues full reasons for rejecting legal challenge against prorogation of Parliament

The High Court in London has issued its full reasons for rejecting a legal challenge against the decision to suspend business in the UK Parliament for five weeks in the run-up to “Brexit”.

England and Wales High Court 12 September 2019

Motorist who filmed crash scene on phone wins appeal against conviction for driving while using mobile

A motorist who was found guilty of driving while using a mobile phone after filming the aftermath of a road traffic accident from behind the wheel of his van has seen a decision to quash his conviction upheld following an appeal.

England and Wales High Court 1 August 2019

James Bulger’s father fails in legal bid to reveal information about Jon Venables

A judge has dismissed an application by the father of the late James Bulger to amend a lifelong anonymity order protecting the identity of one of his son’s killers.

England and Wales High Court 5 March 2019

England: Legal challenge over Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme dismissed

Three men who claimed that the “blanket ban” that prevents people with unspent criminal convictions which resulted in a custodial sentence or community order from being eligible for redress under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme have had their legal challenge dismissed.

England and Wales High Court 16 January 2017

GQ magazine publisher in contempt of court over ‘seriously prejudicial’ article on phone-hacking trial

The publisher of GQ magazine has been found in contempt of court over a “seriously prejudicial” article on the phone-hacking trial.

England and Wales High Court 19 November 2015

High Court judge makes gagging order to stop press publishing details of Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton’s divorce proceedings

A High Court judge has made a “gagging order” prohibiting the media from publishing details of the divorce proceedings between Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton.

England and Wales High Court 2 October 2015

Law firm sues ‘Solicitors from Hell’ website for damages over defamatory statements

A law firm which was described as “shameless, corrupt, fraudulent, dishonest, unethical, incompetent and oppressive” has been awarded damages from the operators of a spin-off of the “Solicitors from Hell” website after a judge ruled that the comments were defamatory.

England and Wales High Court 18 September 2015

Scotch whisky producer wins appeal to register ‘Jura Origin’ as a trade mark

A Scotch whisky producer has won an appeal to register the words “Jura Origin” as a trade mark in respect of whiskies produced in Scotland.

England and Wales High Court 7 May 2015