Case archive

Released sex offender fails to challenge ‘new relationships’ licence condition

A convicted sex offender who was released from prison on licence has failed in his challenge of a condition in his release licence requiring him to inform his supervising officer of any friendships, associations, or intimate or domestic relationships that he enters into with anyone.

Court of Session Outer House 13 July 2020

Dumbarton medical practice fails to suspend order to re-engage doctor

A medical practice that took on the staff of a dissolved practice has been unsuccessful in its petition to suspend an Employment Tribunal order requiring it to re-engage a doctor who was employed by the dissolved practice.

Court of Session Outer House 9 July 2020

Fishing association fails in legal challenge over ‘unfair’ compensation scheme for salmon catching ban

A Scottish fishing association which claimed that a continued prohibition on catching salmon in coastal waters and a compensation scheme introduced to support affected farmers were unlawful has had its legal challenge dismissed.

Court of Session Outer House 27 January 2020

Inmate fails in human rights challenge to prison officer’s confiscation of card ‘containing drugs’

A long-term prisoner whose personal mail was confiscated after a sniffer dog detected drugs has had a legal action against the prison authorities dismissed.

Court of Session Outer House 13 December 2019

Lib Dem leader granted interim interdict over SNP ‘defamatory’ election leaflet

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has been granted interim interdict to prohibit a Scottish National Party rival from distributing an election leaflet which claimed she had “accepted a £14K donation from a fracking company”.

Court of Session Outer House 29 November 2019

Company sues property developer in legal bid to protect possession of land

A company which claims to have possessed a number of industrial units in a business park for more than 20 years has been granted a full hearing in an action against a property developer who was allegedly seeking to take over possession of the land.

Court of Session Outer House 28 October 2019

Legal challenge to ‘unlawful’ Brexit deal ‘misconceived’, judge rules 

A barrister who claimed the new Brexit deal negotiated by the Prime Minister was “unlawful” has had a legal challenge to suspend the agreement dismissed.

Court of Session Outer House 21 October 2019

Court order forcing Prime Minister to seek Brexit extension unnecessary, judge rules

A legal action seeking a court order to force the Prime Minister to write a letter requesting a Brexit extension in the event that no deal has been agreed between the UK and the EU has been dismissed after a judge ruled that it was not required.

Court of Session Outer House 8 October 2019

Partner of seriously ill elderly woman who died after being discharged from Royal Infirmary awarded £187,000 damages for junior doctor’s negligence

The surviving partner of an elderly woman who died after suffering gastrointestinal bleeding has been awarded more than £187,000 in damages, having successfully sued a Scottish health board following a junior doctor’s failure to admit the patient to hospital.

Court of Session Outer House 25 March 2019

Legal challenge against ‘fracking’ ban fails after judge rules no prohibition in place

A petition seeking judicial review of the Scottish Government’s purported ban on “fracking” has been refused, after a judge ruled that there was in fact “no prohibition” against the controversial process of oil and gas extraction in Scotland – despite ministerial statements to the contrary.

Court of Session Outer House 19 June 2018

Widow’s legal action against son and daughter-in-law over sale of family home dismissed

A widow who sued her son and daughter-in-law following a dispute over the sale of the former family home has had her action dismissed. 

Court of Session Outer House 22 May 2018

Legal challenge over ‘fracking’ ban in Scotland to proceed to judicial review

Two oil and gas exploration companies who are seeking judicial review of the Scottish Government’s decision to ban “fracking” in Scotland have been granted permission to proceed with their legal challenge.

Court of Session Outer House 27 February 2018

QC and former child abuse inquiry chair fails in £500,000 ‘breach of contract’ claim

A QC who sued the Scottish Government after resigning as chair of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry has had a £500,000 claim for damages dismissed.

Court of Session Outer House 5 July 2017

Injured motorcyclist’s £250,000 damages claim against council dismissed

A motorcyclist who was seriously injured in an accident has had a £250,000 damages action against a Scottish local authority over the council’s alleged failure to repair a damaged strip of road dismissed.

Court of Session Outer House 27 April 2017

Jobseeker wins human rights challenge over disclosure of historical conviction

A jobseeker who was denied employment in a care home after a disclosure check revealed that he had been “convicted” before a Children’s Hearing of lewd and libidinous practices nearly three decades ago had his human rights breached.

Court of Session Outer House 28 February 2017