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Inner House resolves right to buy dispute between two feuding families 

The Inner House of the Court of Session has refused two appeals concerning a dispute between two feuding families, one of whom claimed to be the agricultural tenant of the other, holding that the tenant did have the right to buy the farmland but that a debt owed to her had been successfully assigned. 

Court of Session Inner House 23 October 2020

Somali islander refused judicial review of asylum decision

A Somalian national who sought asylum in the UK and had his petition for judicial review of the decision to reject his application refused has failed in his challenge that decision in the Inner House of the Court of Session.

Court of Session Inner House 10 June 2020

Oil company successfully restores former licensees to register of companies pending Texas court action

An oilfield tool manufacturing company has succeeded in its petition to restore its former licensees to the register of companies so that they could be the defendants in an action before the federal court of Texas in which they were the plaintiff.

Court of Session Inner House 19 May 2020