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Reclaiming motion seeking clarification on judicial review appeal rules refused as incompetent

A citizen of Nigeria who challenged a finding that his petition for judicial review of the decision of the Home Secretary not to treat his further submissions as a fresh claim for asylum was not made within the statutory three-month time limit has had his reclaiming motion against the decision refused as incompetent.

Court of Session Inner House 9 September 2020

Falun Gong practitioner loses appeal against immigration decision

A Chinese citizen who claimed to be at risk of persecution in China because of his practise of the banned Falun Gong religion has lost his appeal against a decision by the Home Secretary to treat his further submissions as a fresh claim.

Court of Session Inner House 28 August 2020

Advocate has limited success in complaint eligibility appeal

An advocate who was alleged to have acted inappropriately in commercial proceedings regarding location-based dating apps has succeeded in having one of four complaints made against him quashed, with the other three remaining eligible for investigation.

Court of Session Inner House 4 May 2020