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Police officers in offensive WhatsApp group lose appeal against decision to investigate them

Ten police officers who brought a petition for judicial review of the decision by their superior to conduct misconduct proceedings against them using WhatsApp messages sent to and from them have had their reclaiming motion against the refusal of the Lord Ordinary of their petition refused by the Inner House of the Court of Session.

Court of Session Inner House 18 September 2020

Mother of man with Down's Syndome has petition against service charges refused

The mother and legal guardian of a man with Down’s Syndrome has been unsuccessful in her challenge of a decision of Glasgow City Council that he must pay a contribution to the costs of services provided to him. 

Court of Session Inner House 25 August 2020

Teacher removed from register for falling short of standards loses appeal

A teacher who was removed from the teaching register for misconduct has had her appeal against the decision of the General Teaching Council of Scotland to remove her refused.

Court of Session Inner House 20 July 2020

Scots lawyer wins appeal to have ‘time-barred’ services complaint quashed, but conduct complaint referral upheld

A Scots lawyer has partially succeeded in an appeal against a decision by the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC) to refer two “time-barred” complaints against him to the Law Society of Scotland for investigation.

Court of Session Inner House 4 December 2019

Asylum seeker whose application was refused loses appeal against housing provider’s ‘unlawful’ lock-changing policy

A failed asylum seeker who claimed that it was “unlawful” for her housing provider to evict her from temporary accommodation by changing the locks to the property without first obtaining a court order has had her appeal dismissed.

Court of Session Inner House 14 November 2019

Appeal against employment judge’s decision to substitute reasons for dismissal rejected

An engineer who raised an unfair dismissal claim against her former employer after she was sacked for refusing to work with a key contractor has lost an appeal against an Employment Tribunal’s decision to relabel the reason for dismissal and reduce the award payable to her.

Court of Session Inner House 18 September 2019

Appeal judges dismiss legal challenge against Scots law approving abortions at home

Campaigners who claimed that legislation allowing women to terminate pregnancies by taking abortion pills at home is “unlawful” have had their appeal rejected.

Court of Session Inner House 23 May 2019

Court makes ‘vexatious litigant’ order over repeated meritless claims

A businessman who raised a series of “hopelessly irrelevant” and “incompetent” legal actions after being sequestrated for failing to pay his council tax has been declared a “vexatious litigant”.

Court of Session Inner House 27 March 2019

Appeal Court upholds judge’s decision to allow ‘time-barred’ damages claim over Glasgow bin lorry crash to proceed

An appeal by Glasgow City Council against a judge’s ruling that a damages action by relatives of some of the victims of the Glasgow bin lorry crash can proceed despite their claims being “time-barred” has been dismissed.

Court of Session Inner House 6 February 2019

Child abuse victim wins appeal for criminal injuries compensation

A woman who was assaulted by her mother when she was a baby has won a long-running legal battle for criminal injuries compensation after taking her appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

Court of Session Inner House 4 February 2019

Woman who challenged confiscation order to keep property has appeal dismissed

A woman who challenged a confiscation order imposed after her brother was convicted of drugs offences in an attempt to prevent the sale of a property in Edinburgh of which she claimed to be the “beneficial owner” has had her appeal rejected.

Court of Session Inner House 14 December 2018

Daily Record fined £80,000 for contempt of court over ‘severely prejudicial’ articles relating to criminal proceedings 

The publishers of the Daily Record have been fined £80,000 after pleading guilty to contempt of court over articles which appeared in the newspaper and on its website relating to two separate criminal proceedings.

Court of Session Inner House 6 June 2018

Similarities in sex offences in mutual corroboration case were not sufficient to overcome 17-year time gap, appeal court rules

A man found guilty of sexual offences against two children almost 17 years apart has had his conviction quashed following an appeal.

Court of Session Inner House 31 May 2018