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Crown loses appeal against ‘unduly lenient’ sentence for historical child sex offences

A man who was jailed for four years having been found guilty of historical child sex offences committed when he was a teenager has had his sentence upheld following an appeal by the Crown.

Court of Session Inner House — 25 June 2018

Judges reject rape accused’s appeal to lead evidence of previous consensual sexual encounter with complainer

A man accused of rape who was seeking to question the complainer about a previous consensual sexual encounter he had with her in order to elicit evidence supporting his special defence of consent has had his appeal refused.

Court of Session Inner House — 20 June 2018

Tenant farmers’ compensation appeal over human rights breach dismissed

Tenant farmers who challenged a judge’s decision over the calculation of compensation payable to them following an amendment to agricultural holdings legislation have had their appeal dismissed.

Court of Session Inner House — 13 June 2018

Solicitors pension fund claim against legal firm and former partners to proceed to proof following appeal

Trustees of the Scottish Solicitors Staff Pension Fund who raised an action against a legal firm and its former partners to recover a £90,000 deficit in the fund have successfully appealed against a judge’s decision to dismiss their claim.

Court of Session Inner House — 11 June 2018

Daily Record fined £80,000 for contempt of court over ‘severely prejudicial’ articles relating to criminal proceedings 

The publishers of the Daily Record have been fined £80,000 after pleading guilty to contempt of court over articles which appeared in the newspaper and on its website relating to two separate criminal proceedings.

Court of Session Inner House — 6 June 2018

Bank fails in appeal against interdict ruling in bid to recover debts from homeowner couple

A bank which has been seeking to call up £2.5 million in loans granted to a husband and wife for the purpose of purchasing and renovating their new home has failed in an appeal against a judge’s decision to prevent the so-called “vulture fund” from bankrupting the couple.

Court of Session Inner House — 28 May 2018

Similarities in sex offences in mutual corroboration case were not sufficient to overcome 17-year time gap, appeal court rules

A man found guilty of sexual offences against two children almost 17 years apart has had his conviction quashed following an appeal.

Court of Session Inner House — 31 May 2018

Appeal against conviction for attempting to pervert the course of justice rejected

A man found guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice while being held on remand by phoning friends on the outside to bribe a witness not to identify him in an ID parade after he had been accused of attempted murder had his appeal against convicted rejected.

Court of Session Inner House — 5 June 2018

Appeal judges uphold damages award to prisoner for attempted murder by fellow inmate following negligence ruling

A prisoner who was found to be entitled to damages following a serious assault by another inmate after warning a prison officer that his attacker had previously threatened him has had the decision upheld by appeal judges.

Court of Session Inner House — 30 May 2018

Scottish Legal Aid Board wins appeal against judge’s ruling to revoke grant of legal aid

The Scottish Legal Aid Board has successfully appealed against a judge’s ruling to reduce its decision to grant civil legal aid to a man who was seeking to challenge the lawfulness of a local authority’s determinations relating to the provision of community care services to his elderly and infirm mother.

Court of Session Inner House — 24 May 2018

Parents of fatal RTA victim fail in challenge to damages awards

The parents of a man who was killed after being struck by a car as he walked across a zebra crossing have failed in an appeal over the level of damages they were awarded.

Court of Session Inner House — 6 January 2015

Mother-of-two who left abusive Italian partner wins appeal against order to return children to Italy

A Polish mother-of-two who moved to Scotland with her children after leaving her allegedly abusive Italian partner has successfully appealed against a court ruling ordering her to return the two boys to Italy for the courts there to determine issues of residence and contact.

Court of Session Inner House — 3 May 2018