Campaigner calls for law to allow adoption of adults

Scotland should allow for the adoption of adults, according to a campaigner hoping to change the law.

Nathan Sparling, 27, is calling on MSPs to enact changes to allow him to be adopted by his stepfather, Brian, something which cannot currently be done under Scots law.

The Scottish government said it is reviewing adoption rules and would look at Mr Sparling’s proposal to extend the age limit for adoption beyond 18, where it currently stands.

Mr Sparling did not know his biological father and has changed his surname to his stepfather’s.

He said: “This week I wrote to my MSPs asking them to support an amendment to the Adoption & Children (Scotland) Act 2007 to allow parents to adopt their children after they turn 18.

“Having been brought up by my mum until the age of 13, my stepdad came into my life and raised me as his own.

“I’ll never call another dad, yet he can’t adopt me because of our law that prohibits it.

“There are many reasons for adult adoption – the transfer of inheritance rights, restoring an original relationship between adult adoptees and their biological family, or simply formalising the relationship of a step-child or step-parent.”