And finally… man marries snake - how low can you get?

Police in India raided a temple to stop a man from marrying a snake whom he said was a beautiful woman in a previous life.

Sandeep Patel, 27, believed the cobra had fallen in love with him and claimed he could turn into a snake at night after entering a trance state.

He told people the reptile had agreed to marry him.

Over 12,000 people came to the ceremony in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The Hindu priest officiating at the marriage told the assembled guests Mr Patel had ““exhibited traits of a snake” since he was a boy.

He added: “Sandeep walks , drinks and flickers his tongue just like a snake.”

However, when armed police burst onto the scene, the saffron-robed priest fled in panic.

Mr Patel and his father were arrested for breach of the peace.

Indian newspapers reported the disgruntled crowd threatened to riot because the wedding had been cancelled.

Police reinforcements were called to disperse the crowds and send them back to their villages.

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